domingo, 13 de mayo de 2007

Advantages and disadvantages of living at home past the age of 18

The last decades have witnessed a huge range of changes in society. One of them has to do with the age of which young people consider themselves mature enough to leave home and start a new life on their own. Some of them, however, whether single or married or single parents choose to stay because they say, they are pursuing a university career or they have started postgraduate studies or they have just got a new job and they need time to settle down. This situation, in which adults refuse to leave the nest, provokes widespread debates considering the advantages and disadvantages of living at home past the age of 18.
Diverse advantages can be found to the issue in question. To begin with, there are many adults who feel the necessity of being part of a family circle. Loneliness is probably the sensation most feared by this new generation of people. That is why; they continually resort to their respective families in any mishaps. What is more, these adults gradually take on more responsibilities concerning their households. From looking after their pets to cooking a meal, they engage in different activities that allow them to develop skills and lend a hand to their families. Another positive aspect to be considered is that family support encourages these adults to grow as professionals. All these positive aspects can be found when dealing with the situation in question.
Unfortunately, however, there is a tendency for young people over 18 to remain at home rather than trying to live a life alone. This can be demonstrated by this new generation, which still follows and accepts certain moral principles or rules of behaviour imposed by their family. In addition to dependence on family social codes, these adults are aware of irrelevant family problems such as who has to take the dog out or what to do with a piece of furniture not needed any longer. All these drawbacks can generate a denial to leave home and face life.
Finally, it can be said that many adults do not leave home immediately after they are 18. Some still consider their parental home as a shelter from everyday situations. This issue provokes heated debates regarding the advantages and disadvantages of living at home past the age of 18.

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